Saturday 7 March 2015

The donetsk buk was photoshopped 

We all know the so called proof that the rebels had the mh17 buk in donetsk but after i was trying to find the times that this so-called mh17 buk on its east bound journey and using online sun calculation site all except the torez buk was taken at which sparked my interest in the possibility that the photos that are actually photo-shopped while looking at the donetsk buk on a trailer you can see that although poor quality there is a good view of the truck cab and can make out most details but the buk unit is very blurry and doesn't look like it should be in the same frame as the cab.   

bellingcat {eliot higgins} was peddling the "separatist" buk in donetsk photo. the truck looks clear and easy to pick out details the buk however is very fuzzy he was also posting a cropped image of it    I am no expert on photo-shop but this buk in donetsk looks quite suspect ..if there are skilled people out there that can give a better explanation as to why the buk on the back of the truck is so blurry compared to the truck please post a reply   ...this is the cropped image bellingcat was sharing and claiming it was in donesk i'm not surprised he cropped it because i will be exposing his utter hatchet job on photo-shop further down the page. and showing that all the tweets photos and everything else he shared is complete and utter bullshit......  you can see bellingcat page here  the photo vantage point is exactly the same as that on google street view images see for yourself it is 100 meters east of the illicha ave and tomatska st roundabout in the eastern side of donetsk city ..dont take my word for it check it out yourself 

But i found a less cropped image that pro kiev supporters are trying to hide apparently taken by paris match and as you can see from the below photo it is laughable because there are no sharp corners on the radar on a buk original photo

both of the below photos were taken at about same angle,,,,the first was in donetsk in perfect weather conditions and you cannot make out the shape of wheels and you cannot even make out the shape of the radar {it's rounded btw} not square as the donetsk buk shows.............................................................................................................................................................................the second is in raining smoggy russia and is further away from the cameraman and you can see it perfectly the tracks and wheels are perfectly visable also the panels,,,the tow hooks,,,the bolts the aerials whoever photo-shopped the donetsk buk should have used the second photo and not the 90s era poor quality camera used to photograph it out in the field if you don't believe the donetsk buk is photo-shopped you need an eye test 


But that is only one of a number of discrepancies you can see by the actual buk from what this whole set of fake photos spawned the first photo below is the buk on a train wagon in russia bellingcat uses as proof russia shot down mh17 and as you can see that on he right hand side that the unit dips down on the tracks which does not seem to fit with the buk on the red trailer in fact it appears to be even levitating as can be seen in the red line on photo 3 and 4 i used to show approx trailer level line original photo


below is the red low loader trailer thought to be the one used and i only used microsoft auto-correct to brighten the image i didn't otherwise tamper with the image if you raise the red line at the back of the the trailer to meet the bottom of the rear wheel the ones at the front are then under the red trailer floor marker. i tried raising and lowering  the marker lines but still with the result that the buk is sitting unnatural on the trailer and as you can see from the auto-corrected image as well as the untouched image the buk doesn't belong in the shot 

on the photo below on the left is the so-called mh17 buk while in donetsk and on the right is when it was in russia but even here  i see that there is some parts missing from the buk if you look at the right hand photo you will notice that just left of the tag number there is 3 small square panels on the side but on the donetsk buk there is only one and these are not removable so could not have "fallen off" also the wheels on the buk on the trailer seem far too big for the unit 

below is another truck i found that closely matches the donetsk truck position layout although the angles of the two are different it will give you an idea on the layout of what a truck with a trailer is 

for comparison on the donetsk buk on the right i flipped the image ...And on the left hand photo below is a photo still from a video from the alleged buk in luhansk and and as you can see that the ramp end of the buk it is sitting at an unnatural high angle   

You can see here the buk is too far forward the front wheel cant occupy the same space as the corner piece of the trailer also note the digital filler piece between the red upright bar and the buk 

i believe the truck that could have been at the location while it was transporting a destroyed APC rebels were taking it to be repaired here it is unknown 

The rav4 that shrank in the carwash 

The toyota rav4 is far to small to be in the same photo frame of this truck a 2006-2008 model toyota rav4 are about 1.7 {5.9 foot} meters in height now even allowing for the fact the rav4 is a little further away than the truck and even if i am a bit off on the red guide lines there is no way it belongs in this photo i will show a google street image from the same location that has a faun road sweeper which is 8feet high a see a more detailed look at the rav4 here 

from a snapshot of google streetview { 100 meters east of illicha ave and tomoska street roundabout makiivske highway east donetsk city} the same location there was an orange faun street sweeper which i will compare to screen shot of the rav4 jeep which is supposed to be 5.9 feet the streetsweeper is 8.2 foot high {rear compartment} and using the thick rings around the pole as a guide you can clearly see the toyota rav4 is to small to be in the photo so you can clearly see the buk that is the "proof" rebels had the buk in donetsk picture has been photo- shopped 

here is the 2 photos i used so you can try it out for yourself 

the buk in zuhres 

the not so convincing photos of rebel truck...the rear truck was not in the video but was released with the video and as you can see the car is small compared to the truck and even this truck is to small for the road which is why the sbu cut it from the video and in photo two as you will see its 12 foot tall 


read more about kiev mountain of lies on my other page here where i debunk the narrative 

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